The Susie Jacobson Story

A Roundtable Production

She was a light when all others went out.
Her story can be a candle for countless people who are in dark places.
She is my mom. I am a filmmaker.
And with your help, we can turn on the light.

This is intended to be a major motion picture. Scroll down to watch our short films.

If you came here from the podcast, welcome! You know the story and why we want to put it on screen.

If you haven’t heard Susie’s interview yet, press play, and you will be inspired by a remarkable story of beauty from ashes.

Nato Jacobson


Nato is Susie’s second son, forever indebted to his mom’s love and perseverance. He has over a decade of experience in storytelling for film and audio drama.

After performing in Nato’s latest script, written for The Adventum audio series, actor David S. said, “I’m pretty much in awe… I’m not seeing this level of creativity and depth anywhere else, Christian or secular. I can’t wait for my kids to be old enough to listen to this, because I want it to shape their lives.”

Paul Hastings

Associate Producer

Paul is a long-time friend of the Jacobson family, and helped produce Nato’s first short film, Wanted. He is producer and host of Compelled, a podcast featuring remarkable testimonies of God’s faithfulness, and is also a strategic advisor to Nato’s organization, The Roundtable Fellowship.

Roundtable Productions

Our company exists to breathe life into the fading embers of human hearts. Or in a word: Inspiration. Through the arts, we are seeking to take Susie’s legacy of being a light in the darkness, and carry it to audiences around the world. We figured that Susie’s own story might be a great place to start.

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